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How a Canadian songwriter toured the world, composed for Hollywood, played for royalty, learned sitar and devoted his life to creating music with a higher purpose

   International multi-instrumentalist and singer, Prosad has travelled the world sharing his unique blend of sitar, guitar, reggae and world music. Following in the footsteps of George Harrison, he is blending the eastern sounds of sitar and Indian music with the western influences of rock, reggae, folk and blues. Born in Saskatoon, he left when he was 19 to study jazz guitar at Humber College in Toronto. It was there that he met his first sitar teacher, Shambhu Das, a disciple of Ravi Shankar and also the sitar teacher of the late Beatle, George Harrison. After completeing his studies in jazz guitar and studying for many years in the discipline of traditional Classical Indian music, Prosad left Canada to share his music with the world. He has performed in New Zealand, Australia, India, Holland, Paris, Portugal, Italy, Hawaii and many other countries. Most recently he performed to 50,000 people for the Dhaka International Folk Festival in Bangladesh.
   During his travels he has collaborated with many great artists and continued his studies in world music. He has performed with Grammy award winner Chris Berry, recorded for Australian legend, Xavier Rudd (on his album Spirit Bird) and many others. Over the years, he has learned bansuri (Indian flute), didgeridoo (also called "yidaki" a traditional instrument from Australia), saxophone, melodica, African djembe and many more. His live performance can include eight or more unique instruments on stage. He has studied electronic music production and has created several world fusion albums. Two of his sitar fusion songs have been used in Hollywood Movies (including "The Love Guru" with Mike Myers). He has performed for the British Monarch, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex. He runs his own recording studio and has produced eight original albums, plus three more in collaboration with other artsists. In 2015, he co-produced, mixed and mastered the album, Samanvaya Kirtan, which was nominated for the Western Canadian Music Awards, Spiritual Album of the Year.
   Prosad has explored many musical styles over the last ten years. He has continued his classical music studies with Alam Khan, son of the legendary Ali Akbar Khan Sahib. He has studied meditation music from his spiritual teacher and mentor, Tulshi Sen, he has released acoustic folk albums and world-fusion sitar albums. Being a multi-instrumentalist, it was a natural progression to evolve into a looping artist. Using live loops on stage, Prosad records guitar, bass, sitar, flute, didgeridoo and more while soloing and singing over his spontaneous creations. He is often supported by a percussionist or tabla player to add flare and energy to the performance. His style has evolved over the years to reach a the unique vision that was born when he began his journey into the sitar and guitar - a blend of all his passions: east and west, spiritual and rock n' roll, sitar and guitar... like George Harrison before him, his mission is to take a spiritual vibration to the mainstream music of his generation. Inspired by artists like Bob Marley and the Beatles, his lyrics are passionate and uplifting and his music creates a positive vibration. His guitar playing is inspired by the tasteful and spacious playing of artists such as John Mayer and Eric Clapton and his vocals take inspiration from the style of Jason Mraz and Chris Martin (Coldplay).
   His latest touring project combines sitar with reggae and world music. His vocals and lyrics tell a story of a positive vision for humanity and his music carries a contagious and uplifting vibration. Prosad is a true artist, carving his own unique sound in the world. He has performed for the last eight years all over the globe and continues to grow with his music and connect with with fans.

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