Guitar and Sitar – Two Sides of Me


I want to share a piece of artwork that my amazing friend Ganga made.  It was done from two photos of me that were taken a few years back.  Her description of the “two sides” to my personality and music were pretty accurate.  This is what she said: “I wanted to capture the two sides of you…guitar and sitar…long hair free…short hair discipline…funky…professional…”

This has been a huge part of my journey. The diverse and sometimes opposite worlds of the disciplined life of studying classical sitar, with the freedom and wildness of touring as a rock musician.

These two worlds have shaped me and in some ways they define what I am trying to do with my music. I want to take something incredibly deep and spiritual like Indian classical sitar and present it in a way that a regular person in our western world can feel and understand.  This is what I hope to achieve with the new album that I am working on now.  I am already in the process of recording it and I am liking what is happening so far.  I found a lot of inspiration from my travels and especially from the beautiful land and people of New Zealand. I also spent three months last year immersed in Indian music study at the Ali Akbar College of Music. With a new depth of understanding of Indian music and inspiration from many musicians and experiences on the road, I am entering a very creative period and I hope to create something unique and inspired.  Let’s see what happens!

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For more incredible and amazing artwork – seriously, she is incredible, check out Ganga’s page at:

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I am a musician, sitarist, guitarist, singer, composer & music producer. My purpose is to inspire people to live the life of their dreams. I live each day with passion and celebrate my story and spiritual unfoldment through music.


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