New Sitar EP – Offerings

Hello my friends! I am really excited to share my new EP, Offerings. Offerings is an ambient sitar journey; floating on slow reggae beats, warm bass and an ultra-chilled vibe. Be prepared to take a soul-journey (and don’t forget to bring a friend with you). 🙂

Offerings: released 13 February 2015 
Prosad – Sitar, guitar, bass, keys, accordion, percussion, programming, mixing and mastering
Ed Hanley – Tabla on The Fire Within. Sitar & tabla recorded in Ed’s studio on the Fire Within.

The Fire Within: An ambient sitar journey painted on the backdrop of a dub inspired mix – warm, full of bass and resting on a slow, soulful groove. Blending classical Indian sitar with a down-tempo one-drop, this track was inspired by time spent in New Zealand and by a continuing study of classical sitar. It features the incredible Ed Hanley on tabla.

Temple Prayer: This song was recorded many years ago and never released… until now. I am happy to say that I finally made the time to polish this track and set it free into the world. The beats were originally made by my good friend, Gary Diggins. I pitch shifted them to match the sitar and doubled the drums with a bit of programming. I then added a touch of my favorite reverb and delay to really accentuate the haunting melodies in the sitar. Enjoy!

The Way She Moves: This track is featured in the independent feature film, Nice2MeetU, written and directed by Naveen Medaram, for which I scored the music. I love the sitar in this track. It is interesting that I hear the pathos in the notes as beautiful and soft and yet it was used in a very intense scene in the movie (I won’t spoil it for you) . The contrast of the beautiful music with the onscreen intensity created a tension and juxtaposition of two opposite worlds that worked very well in the film.


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I am a musician, sitarist, guitarist, singer, composer & music producer. My purpose is to inspire people to live the life of their dreams. I live each day with passion and celebrate my story and spiritual unfoldment through music.




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    See above mssage

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    i wld like to learn sitar from you. i havesome basic knowledge of sitar.
    pls email me if you can teach me.

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