The sun was going down, we had about ten minutes before dark. The air was still, the crickets were chirping, the people were quiet. It seemed as if all of nature stopped to listen… and to sing as part of this great symphony. The migrating geese had landed in the thousands on the sand bar nearby to be a part of this magical sound. We had less than five minutes to set up the mics. The sun was setting, no warmup, no practice, no trial run – just press record and the moment begins.

Magic happened. One moment, one chance, one take. Recorded live by the beautiful Saskatchewan river, where I grew up.

Watch in HD, use quality headphones or speakers and feel like you are really there.

P.S. Around the 4min mark the music soars….wait for it (it’s worth it)

Please enjoy… and I hope that your spirit will fly!

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I am a musician, sitarist, guitarist, singer, composer & music producer. My purpose is to inspire people to live the life of their dreams. I live each day with passion and celebrate my story and spiritual unfoldment through music.


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