Tibetan Music with Sonam Tashi

I recently had the great honor and pleasure of working with traditional Tibetan musician, Sonam Tashi. His mission is to preserve the ancient music of Tibet. Traditional Tibetan music is in danger of disappearing due to the fact that it is transmitted through an oral tradition and also because of the cultural and political occupation of Tibet.

We spent the night recording in my studio and the results were magical. We recorded one of his original compositions (shown in the video above) as well as a very old traditional composition (coming soon). This was our first time playing together, but I know it won’t be the last!

I am proud to be working with Sonam. It is our shared hope that our musical collaboration will bring energy and awareness to the cause of celebrating and preserving Tibetan music and culture. The sitar and the traditional Tibetan lute (Dranyen), are often thought to be related. Some say that their common musical cousin was the Persian “Setar” (which literally means “three strings”). As our instruments worked so well together on our very first meeting, we both feel that there is a connection between the ancient music of India and the spiritual and folk music of Tibet.

Sonam has worked with many great musicians including sharing the stage with Buddy Guy, Taj Mal, the Beastie Boys, Richie Havens, Yoyo Ma, U2 and many more. He also worked with Brad Pitt and was very involved with the movie, Seven Years in Tibet. It is a pleasure and honor to make music with him. This footage is part of a larger documentary being made about his life and cause by the talented filmmaker, Nekhat.

May all beings know happiness! 🙂

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I am a musician, sitarist, guitarist, singer, composer & music producer. My purpose is to inspire people to live the life of their dreams. I live each day with passion and celebrate my story and spiritual unfoldment through music.


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