Walk by Prosad – featuring Taylor Rae

Walk – Prosad & Taylor Rae – 12 string, didgeridoo, stomp box, shaker – recorded live in studio.

This song was originally written on Tallows Beach in Byron Bay, Australia. It is about having the strength and courage to follow your path in life, to live by the principles of truth & inner vision and about having the courage to follow your dreams. It is also inspired by the spirit of the indigenous peoples of this earth. May their struggle find peace and may we all come to find our own voice and the true expression of our own freedom. May we all rise together and stand up for kindness, compassion, justice and the One Love.

Dedicated to my dear friends, Ruud & Marga.
Thanks to Taylor Rae for adding her beautiful voice and energy to this piece.

This song was recorded live in one take. All of the percussion is live and being played with my feet. I added a delay on the chorus, but there are no overdubs, it was recorded live in the studio.


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I am a musician, sitarist, guitarist, singer, composer & music producer. My purpose is to inspire people to live the life of their dreams. I live each day with passion and celebrate my story and spiritual unfoldment through music.


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