What path will inspire your soul?

What is your soul calling you to do?

How do we find freedom, go beyond our limitations and fulfill our purpose in life? Understanding who you are is the key. Through deep inner exploration we can come to know our selves and the power that we have to create and manifest the life experiences that we desire. To explore, to express and to love – this is the calling of the soul.

In East Indian philosophy, they believe in the principle of “Nada Brahma” or “Sound is the Creator”. The new physics also tells us that the universe is made of vibration or sound and that it is altered by observation (by thought (visioning/image) and by word (sound, vibration & music). Through the study of meditation, yogic philosophy, Indian raga music and ancient martial arts, I have found paths that have helped me tap into this creative power within myself. This is the vibration that I share with you in my music.

My mission is to uplift and to inspire. By consciously living the life of my dreams, I love sharing by example how you can do the same.

My biggest calling in life is music, but I also love writing, photography, poetry and sharing the spiritual teachings that have transformed me. My goal is to serve others while shining my inner dreams on to the screen of my outer reality. I can’t wait to connect with you.

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